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Attention: Healthcare Professionals Looking to Boost Your Impact, Influence & Income!

Introducing the world’s only voice-based communications training for healthcare professionals, from America’s #1 Voice Coach: The Voice of Healing for Healthcare Professionals

Your Vocal Prescription For World-Class Communication Skills & Bedside Manner

You’ll enjoy instant, 24/7 access to online video lessons where you’ll learn the most cutting-edge, informed, and effective communication techniques for Healthcare Professionals, so that you can:

  • Instantly connect, so patients LIKE you more, which makes them more open to your advice and more likely to refer their friends
  • Make patients feel “listened to,” so they’re more satisfied with your services and open to your recommendations
  • Deliver bad news, without making your patient feel discouraged or hopeless
  • Speak with authority and confidence—without sounding condescending or arrogant—so that your patients trust, respect, and ACT on your advice
  • Build your professional vocal brand & character and attract more clients through video, audio, and more
Yes! Give Me The Voice of Healing!


Unlock and Empower Your Voice to Showcase Confidence, Calm, and Compassion

Ace Critical Communications with Patients for Higher Satisfaction, Referrals, and Adherence

Build Your Vocal Brand & Healthcare Business, So You Can Boost Your Reach, Reputation, And Income With Integrity

From The Red Carpet To Your Device…Meet Your New Coach

The Man Behind the Success Story:

A Note From Your New Voice Coach, Roger Love

What if the reason patients aren’t following your advice, coming back to see you, or referring their friends comes down to not WHAT you said…but HOW YOU SAID it?

Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped many of the top medical professionals, hospitals, and healthcare franchises realize new levels of success simply by changing the way they use their voices when communicating with patients and colleagues.

Our clients have reported better patient outcomes, more referrals, and higher team and patient satisfaction. That, in turn, resulted in more revenue, impact, and influence in the community and industry.

The results of my targeted training were so massive that nearly every day, a healthcare professional is referred to me because they’re not reaching their potential.

They tell me that the WAY they deliver their recommendations is PREVENTING patients from trusting them, believing them, connecting with them, and following through with their advice

I am so grateful for you, the healthcare professional who has invested countless time, talent, and heart into becoming the best professional you can be.

So, I want my techniques to help YOU and YOUR patients, as well. But sadly, I don't have time to help everyone in person.

After working with and listening to hundreds of healthcare professionals like you, I took their requests and the SAME strategies I use to help my top clients supercharge their professional brand, patient satisfaction, and practice profitability…and put them all inside The Voice of Healing.

Now, ANY healthcare professional, ANYWHERE in the world, can use my techniques to get ahead.

What will YOUR “Voice of Healing” success story be?

Enroll now to start finding out!

The Voice of Healing Was Created for YOU

  • Healthcare Professionals, including…
    • MD & DO’s
    • Healers & Alternative Medicine Specialists
    • RN/BSN/NP/PA
    • Dietitian & Nutritionists
    • Chiropractors
    • Massage Therapists
    • Physical Therapists
    • DMD’s
  • Clinic owners
  • Everyone who speaks to patients
Yes! Give Me The Voice of Healing!

“Can a Voice Coach Make Me a More Successful Healthcare Professional?”

Here’s Why TRAINING YOUR VOICE is the Missing Piece in Your Professional Progress Puzzle

  • Multiple scientific studies have found that the words you say are less important than the sounds you make, especially when it comes to conveying meaning and expressing emotions. That means, your words or qualifications are not enough to influence people. You need to skillfully use your voice to achieve your greatest goals.
  • How your voice sounds immediately influences how people perceive you, and who they THINK you are. That impacts how they receive the message you’re delivering, which explains how two doctors could deliver the same diagnosis, while making their patients FEEL very differently about the information.
  • In 2017, researchers at Yale University found that your voice is by far the most effective means of expressing your emotions to others, and the clearest way for others to judge how you’re feeling. That’s why focusing on your voice should be a top professional priority for you.
  • Particular sounds are associated with particular emotions. Until you’ve trained your voice, you could be making the sounds of emotions you don’t want to communicate, without even realizing it.    

The Voice of Healing offers you a VOICE-BASED ADVANTAGE because you’ll both improve the sound of your voice AND how effectively you use it in a professional setting.

Yes! Give Me The Voice of Healing!

30-Day IMPROVEMENT Guarantee

Your enrollment is fully protected under the 30-Day Love It Guarantee!

Just watch all the lessons, practice, and apply what you learn. If you don’t notice an improvement in the sound of your voice, show us your work before Day 30 for a full refund.

What People Are Saying About Roger's Techniques

Yes! Give Me The Voice of Healing!

You Asked, Roger Answered

Yes! Your enrollment is fully protected under the 30-Day Love It Guarantee! Just watch all the lessons, practice, and apply what you learn. If you don’t notice an improvement in the sound of your voice, show us your work before Day 30 and I’ll give you every dollar back.

No. This intensive program is designed to improve your bedside manner so that you can better serve clients. This will not teach you how to use sound vibrations to heal illness.

Great news. Your access is instant and unlimited. So you can join now and enjoy whenever your schedule allows.

The Voice of Healing is not currently ANSI/IACET accredited. If continuing education is an ORGANIZATION requirement (not a state or licensure requirement), you could discuss the possibility of credit with your organization.

In addition to improving the quality of your voice, The Voice of Healing will help you align your voice and body language, as well as master situation-specific communications.

Yes, you do not need to know how to sing for the training in The Voice of Healing to help you! The vocal warmups are not singing exercises, they are vocal exercises, intended for speakers.

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